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Sea shanty lyrics quote by Richard Runciman Terry-"So far as the music was concerned, a shanty was a song with a chorus. The song was rendered by one singer, called the shantyman, and the chorus by the sailors who performed their work in time with the music. So far as the words were concerned there was usually a stereotyped opening of one or more verses. For all succeeding verses the shantyman improvized words, and his topics were many and varied, the most appreciated naturally being personal allusions to the crew and officers, sarcastic criticism on the quality of the food, wistful references to the good time coming on shore, etc. There was no need for any connection or relevancy between one verse or another, nor were rhymes required. The main thing that mattered was that the rhythm should be preserved and that the words should be such as would keep the workers merry or interested. Once the stereotyped verses were got rid of and the improvization began, things became so intimate and personal as to be unprintable. It was a curious fact that such shanty words as lent themselves most to impropriety were wedded to tunes either of fine virility or haunting sweetness." *

Sea Shanties Lyrics: Haul Away, Joe

Short-haul (or short drag, double-pull, sweating up) shanty

Shanty Sheet Music

1. Way, haul away, We'll haul away the bowlin'.
Way, haul away, Haul away Joe.
2. Way haul away. The packet is a-rollin'.
3. Way haul away. We'll hang and haul together.
4. Way haul away. We'll haul for better weather.
5. Once I had a nigqer girl, and she was fat and lazy.
6. Then I had a Spanish girl, she nearly druv me crazy.
7. Geordie Charlon had a pig, and it was double jointed.
8. He took it to the blacksmith's shop to get its trotters pointed.
9. King Louis was the king of FRance before the Revolution.
10. King Loius got his head cut off, and spoiled his Constitution.
11. Oh when I was a little boy and so my mother told me.
12. That if I didn't kiss the girls my lips would all go mouldy.
13. Oh once I had a scolding wife, she wasn't very civil.
14. I clapped a plaster on her mouth and sent her to the divvle.

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Sea Shanty Lyrics: Hanging Johnny

Long-haul (or long drag, single-pull, halyard) shanty

Shanty Sheet Music

1. Oh they call me hanging Johnny. Away, boys, away.
They says I hangs for money. Oh hang, boys, hang.
2. And first I hanged my daddy. (twice)
3. And then I hanged my mother, My sister and my brother.
4. And then I hanged my granny. (twice)
5. And then I hanged my Annie; I hanged her up see canny.
6. We'll hang and haul together; We'll haul for better weather.

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Sea Shanty Lyrics:
Oh, You New York Girls (Can't You Dance the Polka)

Windlass /Pumping shanty

1. As I walked out on South Street, a fair maid I did meet
Who asked me please to see her home she lived on Bleecker Street
And away, you Johnny, my dear honey
Oh you New York girls, you love us for our money
2. I said, "My dear young lady, I'm a stranger here in town
I left my ship just yesterday,from Liverpool I was bound."
3. I took her out to Tiffany's,I spared her no expense
I bought her two gold earrings, they cost me fifteen cents.
4. She said, "Come with me, dearie, I'll stand you to a treat
I'll buy you rum and brandy, dear, and tab-nabs for to eat."
5. And when we reached the barroom, boys,the drinks was handed round
That liquor was so awful strong, my head went round and round.
6. When the drinking it was over, we straight to bed did go
And little did I ever think she'd prove my overthrow
7. When I came to next morning, I had an aching head
And there was I, Jack-all-alone, stark naked on the bed
8. I looked all around the room, but nothing could I see
But a lady's shift and apron which now belonged to me
9. Everything was silent, the hour was eight o'clock
I put my shift and apron on and headed for the dock
10. My shipmates seein' me come aboard, these words to me did say
"Well well, old chap, you've lost your cap since last you went away."
11. "Is this the new spring fashion the ladies wear ashore?
Where is the shop that sells it? Have they got any more?"
12. The Old Man cried, "Why Jack, my boy, I'm sure I could have found
A better suit than that, by far, to buy for eighty pounds."
13. So come all you bully sailormen, take warning when ashore
Or else you'll meet some charming girl who's nothing but a whore
14. Your hard-earned cash will disappear, your rig and boots as well
For Yankee girls are tougher than the other side of Hell.

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The Dead Horse

Paddy, Get Back

Drunken Sailor

Leave her, Johnny

* from The Shanty Book- Part I, by Richard Runciman Terry, London, 1921

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