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"It is doubtless interesting to the folk-songer to see in print shanties taken down from an individual sailor with his individual melodic twirls and twiddles. But since no two sailors ever sing the same shanty quite in the same manner, there must necessarily be some means of getting at the tune, unhampered by these individual idiosyncrasies, which are quite a different thing from what folk-song students recognize as 'variants.' The power to discriminate can only be acquired by familiarity with the shanty as it was in its palmy days. The collector who comes upon the scene at this late time of day must necessarily be at a disadvantage. The ordinary methods which he would apply to a folk-song break down in the case of a labour-song. Manual actions were the soul of the shanty; eliminate these and you have only the skeleton of what was once a living thing. It is quite possible, I know, to push this line of argument too far, but every one who knows anything about seamanship must feel that a shanty nowadays cannot be other than a pale reflection of what it once was." *

Sea Shanty Links: Sea Shanty Festivals-

San Diego Sea Shanty Fest
Seahouses Festival - UK
Mystic Seaport Sea Music Festival
Hull's International Sea Shanty Festival - UK
Langesund International Shantyfestival- Norway
International Sailor's Song Festival- Krakow, Poland
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Sea Shanty Links: General Interest-
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Mystic Seaport
International Shanty and Seasong Association
The Chantey Cabin
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Sea Shanty Links: Shanty Performers-

Stan Hugill
The Ancient Mariners
Armstrong's Patent
The Bilge Pumps
Bob Webb
Bounding Main
Coblers Monday
The Cutters
Cyril Tawney
Dan McKinnon
Dick Holdstock
Ewan MacColl
Hanging Johnny
Johnny Collins
The Johnson Girls
The Keelers
Kimber's Men
Monkey's Orphan
Mystic Seaport's Forebitter
The New Scorpion Band
Pint and Dale
Portsmouth Shantymen
Richard Grainger
Rocky River Bush Band
Rum and Shrub
The Shanty Crew
Shanty Jack
Ship 'n Whales
Ship's Company
Stan Rogers
Three Sheets to the Wind
Tom Lewis
Trim Rig & a Doxy
Warp Four
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